Where We've Been...Where We're Headed

One of the primary goals over the past couple of years at PBC has been to establish a foundation for the future. A foundation, based firmly in the Word of God, that clearly says who we are and what we are going to be about. And, while it may be overreaching to say we have accomplished that goal, we have at least laid some groundwork and charted the course.

We believe we are a body created by the gospel, called to submit to the Word, commanded to follow Christ, and commissioned to make disciples--all for the glory of God. That last part is key. We believe we exist ultimately for the glory of God. We believe all things exist for the glory of God. All things exist and are being worked out according to His passion, His pleasure, His plan, and for His name’s sake.

God creates, calls, rescues, redeems, saves, restores, judges, destroys, and restrains--all so that that He might be praised. Everything God does is for His own glory. Therefore we want everything we do to be to that same end. And at PBC we endeavor to do that through gospel-centered worship, training, community, and mission. Our ultimate strategy in glorifying God is to be a church of disciple makers who worship God, get trained, live in community, and serve on mission. We want to echo and live out these words from an unknown missionary…

"If the glory of God is our supreme passion, this will redefine both the goal of our task and the manner in which we pursue that task. The goal of our task is that the earth be filled with the knowledge of His glory as the waters cover the sea. Our passion is to see Him receive the glory that is due His Name from every tribe, tongue, people and nation. Everything else is simply a means to that end. We are not seeking to add numbers that we can report to the organization; we are seeking to add worshippers to the choir of heaven, who will live every area of their lives to the praise of His glory. This focus invests a new, holy seriousness to discipleship and the life of the church. We are not content unless His glory is proclaimed, reflected, upheld and adored among the people to whom He has called us. The task is not about us, and it’s not even ultimately about the nations. The focus is on Him."

By the grace of God, we have done a lot in the past couple of years to move the needle toward this goal. We have walked humbly through a shoring up of what it means to be a member of His church, which is the gospel made visible. We have worked to align how we steward the financial resources that God has entrusted to us with the mission he created us for. We have been able to give substantially more towards urgent spiritual and physical needs around the world. We have had the privilege to send teams globally to work among the unreached and to begin developing strong partnerships for the purpose of long-term disciple making. We have seen the Lord add to our number and show His kindness to us at every turn.

There is much to give God glory for at PBC, and we should and must give Him glory for it all. However, instead of resting in what God has done, let us press forward in asking Him to do abundantly more. Let us not discount what God can accomplish in and through us. We, the church, are God’s plan to make Himself known, in Cahaba Heights and among all nations.

You would think God would have devised a better plan to make much of Himself, but in His infinite and perfect wisdom he created the church for this. The church is at the very heart of God’s purpose. We are not simply a people who have received God’s favor; we are to be reproducers of God’s favor. We were created, blessed, and commissioned to be a blessing to others.

With that in mind, let us rejoice in what God has done among us, but let us also press forward in endeavoring--through the strength He provides--to do abundantly more for the sake of His name in the church, in our community, and among all nations.